Monbana - powder chocolate

Ciocolata pudra

With three generations of experience in the chocolate industry, the family firm MONBANA has managed to grow and become industrialised without losing its "small business" feel. Initiated into the art of chocolate in 1918 by a renowned breakfast maker, Louis GUATTARI created his own company, MONBANA, in 1934, after a ten-year interlude. Monbana is a human-sized industrial and commercial firm.

Creativity, Variety, Pleasure… three essential ingredients have contributed to the development of Minbana company.

In 1947, Together with Louis's sons, Jean and Paul GUATTARI, the family opens a chocolate bean roasting plant giving them the title of butter makers and allowing the production of the chocolate in powder that was to make their reputation.

In 1973 MONBANA is the first company in France to produce and launch the Neapolitan, that famous little chocolate square served with your coffee, thus enhancing the image of coffee-serving establishments.

In 2002 MONBANA branches out into international market. It is now present in over 30 countries across the world.

The market success of the company in 2003 allows for the creation of an ultramodern industrial site in Ernée (53) close to Landivy.

The company is the leader of the sector. Monbana does not stop to enlarge its offer, paying attention to taste quality and originality of products to delightfully surprise you with new flavors, maintaining its truelly craftsman creator identity.

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