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The Excellence Of Illy Espresso concentrated Into The New Itaca Pods

Itaca Cube

illycaffe, the leader in the production of quality espresso coffee, and Itaca, a company designing and producing pod systems for espresso coffee for the office coffee service sector, present the new illycaffe - Itaca Espresso System capsules, with 100% Arabica illy coffee, and the new "Cube" coffee-making machine.

The agreement signed with Itaca enables illycaffe to offer a new service for the rapidly expanding office sector. The illycaffe - Itaca Espresso System pods are not compatible with other machines on the market and may be used only with the Itaca range of espresso coffee machines.

"The agreement with a major partner such as Itaca", declared Giacomo Biviano, general director for EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) markets at illycaffe, "makes it possible to offer a rapidly expanding market with a new solution meeting increasingly specific demands. Confirming this is a study produced by the National Automatic Merchandising Association (Nama) in the United States a few weeks ago, which claims that drinking hot, slightly stimulating drinks at work - especially coffee - can improve productivity".


Itaca Cube

The system comprises capsules of ground espresso coffee packed singly in a protective environment. The novelty of the new patented system lies in the base of the pod: it is completely closed and enables a perfect infusion of all the coffee. Subsequently, thanks to a slit in the central part of the capsule that opens only when the correct internal pressure has been reached, the coffee is extracted, providing an excellent espresso with persistent cream. The pods are available in two roasts; medium and in decaffeinated espresso and long espresso versions.

NEW CUBE espresso coffee machine

This is a semi-automatic coffee machine designed for offices and made exclusively for use with the monodose I Espresso System pods. Extraction starts automatically once the pod has been placed in the upper part of the machine, and this is cut off automatically once the quantity of coffee desired has been attained. The pod is expelled automatically into a special bin as soon as a new pod is inserted. With its original design and intuitive usage, Coffee Cube makes excellent espresso, as full-bodied and tasty as that served in cafes.

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